DJ You @Youtube

I’ve seen a few videos in which people have a top rated comment that say ‘press 6’, but there can be something a bit more fun to just pressing 6 or holding down a button hoping to play Snake on a video.

Basically by pressing these keys, you can become a bit of an amateur disc jockey.  Such in the case of this video recently from ROCKETBOOM.

If you hold down or tap the 1 key often enough you can come up with something that sounds like “Arrr arr ar arr arr arr arrr arr arr”. Think of it as a basic beat.

The longer the video, the more chances you can get some sort of beat beyond Arr. I’m not sure if the embed code will allow it to work, but I’d like to see someone get on an epic remix of the 1 to 9 keys.

Vevo videos do not work. 😦


Somber in December

Hey guys, its been a while. So I’m going to post here as often as I can during the time I was pixeling and helping friends with their sites. This particular video was an annotation on a video I was watching, specifically the Is it a good idea to microwave this? show.

Chances are you have a microwave and you use it, but this video is another reminder that people do stupid things and make stupid decisions. However, that being said I don’t want to seem insensitive to what happened to this kid, but there are ways in human nature that if someone does something like with Is it a good idea to microwave this? there will be parodies, copy cats and people getting these ideas that ‘Hey! I can do this!’

Please, if something says DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME then don’t do it.. I feel immensely sorry for this kid because even though he lost his mother and he was only 12 and shouldn’t have been on YouTube in the first place, the comments flooding his Facebook page is beyond fathomable.

iDose and the placebo effect

By definition to have to or to experience a placebo effect is to have a positive or calming effect, psychologically, either induced by a drug/medication or by doing something so simple as spinning around really fast and stopping.

The afternoon news has discovered this “new” trend where people can “get high” aka experience a placebo effect by listening to repetitive beats as long as they have headphones and a towel over their eyes.

The one I originally listened to was this one. Yeah, it was relaxing, but high? No. Not in the least bit, as I was already sleepy when I listened.

There are tons of iDose videos on youtube, some have optical illusion images, some have flip-through images. Others have a stationary image that is supposed to represent the song, I guess lips = orgasm?

Now I did watch a few people’s videos of being on the “drug”, but I’m not convinced. Especially how some people talk about making drug music illegal. Don’t see that happening because there would need to be explicit reasoning for someone to ban this. Stupid people = stupid laws.

If people are listening to this stuff behind the wheel of a car and get high, well they are idiots. The rest of us are smart enough [hopefully] to not do that. Point is the whole OMG ITS A DRUG ON UTUBE BANN0ZRED!! PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!! GOD NEVER DID DRUGZ!!!

Calm down, shut up and its just music. You ban one type of music and all those Christian mothers will be OMG WE WANT METAL BANNED CUZ IT PROMOTE SATANISM.


Willow Smith

Okay, I love Will Smith in all the movies he did, even most of his music since I don’t think he ever swore. I have to ask why when it comes to Willow’s Smith first music video.

I looked it up to find she’s only 9 years old. That’s good, go outside and play, don’t try to have a music career that consists of auto-tune and professional tweaks. Especially seeing as that is the most annoying chorus of “I whip my hair back n’ forth”.. not once, not twice.. I think she says it over ten times.

At this point you might as well make a remix of the HeadOn commercials and it still wouldn’t reach the level of annoying that is “Whip my Hair”.

Happy 10/10/10

Yes.. another year of numbers that are the same~ Enjoy it cause it only happens every 100 years.


By the way, check out Linkin Park’s new video.


You know those people..

This is more of a rant than a video post.. so.. yeah


You know those people who have to win at everything and if they don’t they ruin it for the person who wins? I severely dislike those kinds of people. Especially if the contest runs for 31 days of October and they are like OMG WHY DID I LOSE D: every time they don’t get picked.

And then when they don’t win, they go kiss up to the people that run the contest like “pick me, u kno u wanna…”

STFU. Seriously.

Recent Suicides

That is all I am going to say.

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